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Cold Drawn Steel Pipe

We can classify the seamless steel pipes as cold drawn seamless pipe and hot rolled seamless pipe due to the producing process. It is widely used in water, oil and gas transfer, ship-building, chemical fertilizer equipment etc.
Normally, in china when the pipe outer diameter is within 57mm, we usually use cold drawn pipes, while up to that 57mm, we use hot rolled ones. Anyway we can offer you all kind cold drawn seamless pipe outer diameter ranges from 13.7mm to 101.6mm according to your needs. Outer diameter and wall thickness of the standard cold drawn steel pipe is 6mm and 0.25mm respectively. For thin walled seamless tubes, the aforementioned dimension is 5mm and less than 0.25mm respectively. The dimensional accuracy of cold drawn seamless pipe is more precise then the hot rolled pipes.

Production Flow:
1. Steel billet → heating → punching → head making → annealing → pickling → copper plating → cold drawing → semi-finished pipes → heat treatment → straightening → water pressure test → labeling → warehouse entry.
2. Round billet→ pickling→ cut off→ heating→ piercing→ pointing→ pickling→ cold-drawing (cold-rolling) → semi-finished pipe→ heat treatment→ physical chemistry test→ straightening→ corps end cutting off→ surface and size inspection→ eddy current inspection→ UT testing→ marking/painting/bundling→ warehouse/shipping
Each step is under strict control to ensure you a high quality pipe.

Classifications of Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe:
In our company, we mainly produce the cold drawn steel pipes in modus of SCH40, SCH80 and SCH160 with the size of 6m.
We can manufacture cold drawn pipe as follows:
1.common seamless tube
2.low pressure boiler steel pipe
3.high pressure boiler tube
4.alloy-steel tube
5.antirust cold drawn steel pipe
6.petroleum cracking pipe
According to the material that used to produce the pipe, we can also summarize the pipes as:
1.carbon thin wall steel tube
2.alloy thin walled pipe
3.stainless thin-wall thickness tube

Further information:
1. Executive standards: GB/T 8162/8163, ASME B36.10, ASTM A106/A53, API 5L/5CT, DIN.
2. Specification range:
OD: 1/8-5"
3. Materials: 10#, 20#, 45#, 16Mn, GrB, Q345B, X42-56, ST44, ST52 etc.
4. Testing: Eddy current/ Hydrostatic/Ultrasonic/ Intergranular Corrosion etc.
5. Packing of cold drawn steel pipe: Bundles, seaworthy packing, or as required by customers.

Here in the following is the specifications for reference:

Nominal diameter Outer diameter (mm) SCH40 (6m in sizing) SCH80 (6m in sizing ) SCH160 (6m in sizing )
Wall thickness (mm) Weight/piece (kg) Wall thickness (mm) Weight/piece (kg) Wall thickness (mm) Weight/piece (kg)
1/4" 13.7 2.24 3.79 3.02 4.80    
3/8" 17.1 2.31 5.04 3.20 6.60    
1/2" 21.3 2.77 7.62 3.73 9.72 4.78 11.7
3/4" 26.7 2.87 10.14 3.91 13.2 5.56 17.4
1" 33.4 3.38 15.00 4.55 19.44 6.35 25.44
1-1/4" 42.2 3.56 20.34 4.85 26.82 6.35 33.66
1-1/2" 48.3 3.68 24.30 5.08 32.46 7.14 43.5
2" 60.3 3.91 32.64 5.54 44.88 8.74 66.66
2-1/2" 73.0 5.16 51.78 7.01 68.46 9.53 89.52
3" 88.9 5.49 67.74 7.62 91.62 11.13 128.1
3-1/2" 101.6 5.74 81.42 8.08 111.78    

Notice: Special sizes of cold drawn steel pipe which customer required can be provided.

We are the leading manufacturing and supplier of cold drawn seamless pipe, manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2000 standard. In the mean while, we can also offer hot rolled seamless pipe, hot expanding seamless pipe, fluid transportation pipe, structural steel pipe and so on. If you want cold drawn seamless pipe, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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