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  • Cold Drawn Steel PipeWe can classify the seamless steel pipes as cold drawn seamless pipe and hot rolled seamless pipe due to the producing process. It is widely used in water, oil and gas transfer, ship-building, chemical fertilizer equipment etc...
  • Hot Rolled Steel PipeThe hot rolled steel pipe (hot rolled seamless tube) is manufactured through automatic continuous pipe rolling mills. Precisely temperature (recrystallization temperature) controlling is required during different rolling processes, like initial rolling stage...
  • Hot Expanding Seamless PipeThe hot expanding seamless pipe (hot expanding steel tube) is made from the production process of hot-expanding. It is widely applied in conveying fluid, such as petroleum, natural gas, coal gas, water and some solid materials, also ship-building, chemical fertilizer equipment etc...
  • Seamless Steel Pipe for Fluid TransportationOur fluid seamless steel pipe are widely used for fluid transport, water conveying (sewage water discharge, water divert project), oil and natural gas long-distance transmission as well as other fluids.
    We produce the fluid seamless steel pipe as follows (according to your needs)...
  • Structural Steel PipeOrdinary, the structural steel pipe (hollow structural tubing) is greatly applied in all kinds of building constructions, mechanical processing, transportation, airline, petroleum, natural gas, oil exploitation and other industries. It is also referred as structural seamless pipe in some place...
  • Seamless Line PipeThe seamless line pipe(pipeline tubes)are used to transport oil and gas, water, mineral slurry and other fluids. Our line pipe is produced accordance with API Spec 5L. We offer seamless line pipe(pipeline tubes) available in all sizes, weights and grades of black and galvanized...
  • Boiler Seamless PipeThe boiler seamless pipe (seamless boiler tubes) made in our company is suitable for low and medium pressure boiler. This pipe is mainly used in locomotive boiler, ordinary industrial boiler and commercial boiler. There are low-vapor-pressure ...
  • Seamless Hydraulic PipeHere in our company, we offer the seamless hydraulic pipes with the standard of ANSI, API, MSS, BS, DIN, JIS and IS Standard whichever is required in the industry. The pipe is made from various raw materials such as ASTM A106, ASTM A181...

The seamless steel pipe, as a kind of frequently-used products in industrial sectors, is widely used in the mechanical processing, oil and gas transmission, transportation and construction industries aerial. It is made from carbon steel shaped in 10#, 20#, 30#, 35#, 45# or alloy steel like 16Mn, 5MnV, and also can be made from a structural steel like 40Cr, 30CrMnSi, 45Mn2, 40MnB by cold drawn or hot rolled process.
Here let us introduce and shear with you about the seamless steel pipes both in china and China based stance when they produced an abroad needed seamless steel pipe.

A seamless steel pipe is a hollowed steel cylinder that in different dimensions.
1. This kind of tube is extensively applies in the area of transportations for liquid and gaseous materials, like water (sewage water discharge, water divert project), petroleum, natural gas, coal gas and so on.
2. At the same tine, some seamless steel tube can also be used in the field of slurries, powders, fine solid materials delivering.
3. What more, boilers making industry and concrete pilings in construction projects are the other application area for a seamless steel pipe.
4. We can also offer seamless steel pipes that used for making all kinds of mechanical parts and components, such as petroleum drill pipes, drive shafts, bicycle frames and steel scaffolds.
5. Additionally, for the ring-shaped parts, the seamless tube sued in can improve the utilization rate of materials and simplify production process. So, seamless tubes are also widely used in bearing rings, sleeves of lifting jack productions.

1. There are round pipes and the special pipes according to the cross section shape.
With the same circumference, the round seamless steel pipes can carry more fluid than the special ones. And the round ones can afford strength evenly. So nowadays the round steel pipe is more commonly used. But in some difficult transportation conditions with twists and turns, special pipe is necessary.
2. There are cold drawn seamless pipe and hot rolled seamless pipe due to the producing process.
Normally, in the construction field, when the pipe diameter is within 57mm, we usually use cold drawn pipes, while up to that 57mm, we use hot rolled ones. The cold drawn seamless pipes are more precise then the hot rolled pipes.
3. We can also classify the seamless steel pipes according to the applications. There are fluid transportation pipe, structural steel pipe, low and medium pressure boiler tube, water seamless pipes, petroleum seamless steel tube, natural gas seamless steel pipes, coal gas seamless steel tube, to name a few.
4. Due to attributes of the pipe, we can also call them seamless line pipe, hydraulic tube, expanding seamless pipe and so on.