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The water steel pipeline (water pipeline pipe) is very common for the seamless steel pipes, just like other liquid seamless pipes. Water work like sewage water discharge, water divert project, river water irrigation and water conservancy, all those project may use water transportation seamless pipe. The seamless pipe GB/T8163-1999 in grade 10, 20, Q295, Q345 made in our company is popular in the market.

Type of Water Pipeline Pipe China Standard Steel Grade Standard

Seamless steel tubes and pipes for water

GB/T8163-1999 for Water Pipeline Pipe 10, 20, Q295, Q345 ASTM A53-98
JIS G3452-1998
FIS G3454-1998
DIN 1629-1984

Note: more type are available for choice as you required.

Cangzhou Haihua Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, is the leading manufacturing and supplier of water steel pipeline, or water pipeline pipe. More available products include natural gas pipeline, petroleum pipeline, centrifugal cast pipe and structural steel pipe, to name a few. Our water steel pipeline is manufactured in accordance with the standard of ISO9001:2000 quality management system. These water steel pipeline are highly recognized by customers from India, Iran, Kuwait, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Syria, UAE, Italy, Brazil, Korea, and other countries.

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